Sunday, 8 April 2018

Perspective #9: To Summarise

This series of Perspectives has been written purely as my humble attempt to paint a broad picture of the real state of things as they are on planet Earth: that we are led to believe that we need something and that the 'something' is material - some need that is going to make our lives happier. But do material possessions really make our lives truly happy?

There is the alternative suggestion that there is a Way that we can all recognise (no matter what our religious or philosophical perspective happens to be) that can lead to real happiness, and not something that is transient. And that it has become more important to now seek out that 'Way'. The key to all personal and world issues is essentially through finding out about Love and what it really is, and applying it to our way of life, at home and at work and wherever we might be.

Love is a word that we all have the ability to understand, and we all have the ability to apply it in our lives. But for some, it is a hard road to go down for all manner of reasons but which is usually due to ego, or possibly out of resentment for how we were treated at some stage in our lives. How to forgive is quite an art.

But all the great spiritual leaders of mankind, the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed, and others, have all spoken in detail about our responsibilities in relation to God and other people. The essential theme of all such teachings is the same, and towards a unity of purpose.

In Perspective #1, I said:
... even in the west there are quite a number who are genuine 'have nots', and live day-to-day simply trying to make ends meet. And youngsters on that end of the economic spectrum tend to get drawn more into gangs, drugs and crime. More understanding governments try to stem that tendency by funding the provision of better social services, but then other governments decide we can't afford that and withdraw the funding, leaving the deprivation to look after itself. Or claim that the economy will pick up and will pay for these "extras". Meanwhile the rich get immeasurably richer and the poor stay poor.
And continued:
The great messenger we call Jesus told us that there are two laws we should heed. One is to love the Lord our God; the second to love our neighbour as ourselves. I believe our "neighbour" is each and everyone across the planet Earth. I believe we need to reconcile ourselves to all peoples and also the Earth itself, and all other lifeforms.
Perspective #2 went on to say:
... by focusing on 'The Way', Love will prevail. Wars and other severely detrimental aspects that exist in the world now - and which include increasing mental issues that have evolved in modern society - would ultimately fade away once mankind was to see their real selves and the futility of choosing ego over Unity. 
The world needs a new perspective. I would even suggest that leadership should come from the bottom up - in other words not to allow ourselves to be led by those suffering from delusions and myopia. Let us live by right actions so that the collective consciousness is raised to make bad leadership impossible. We cannot leave things to others; we all have to play our part.

May the world and all life be happy! Let us open the door to our consciences to help others live in peace and without unnecessary suffering.

Thank you for reading this humble series which only provides a rough idea about the topic. Next week, Perspective #10 will be the last of the series and will relay my own testimony of experience.

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